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Les Vogt's Tack Room

“Everywhere I go people ask me where I get my gear, and I have to be honest, I’ve had a lot of my favorite pieces for so long I really don’t remember. But one thing’s for sure, over the years I’ve learned what’s important: like the feel and weight of a good set of romal reins, the “life” that a bosal has after it’s released, and the delicate pre-signal that your horse gets from an exceptional bit.

I have to tell you that in the forty some years I’ve been competing, I’ve tried just about everything, and I know what a difference having the right equipment makes – it can dramatically improve your performance and communication with your horse. So I decided to see if I could put together a collection of tack & equipment that would be as close as I could get to what I use and ride in every day, in fact some of the pieces have replaced my old ‘tried and true’s. So if you want my opinion on what you should get when you’re looking for equipment, browse around and see the pieces that we’ve added so far.”

~ Les Vogt



Les Vogt - Silver Bits
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